Professional Photographers of Ohio Convention

Well, we are wrapping up the weekend (finally!) Got here in Dayton Wednesday to help set up for our print competition and today is the last day. Finishing up in the trade show. One more seminar and convention wrap up party tonight, then back to the real world tomorrow. I’m ready to get to the studio tomorrow to see what’s been going on.
Here are some photos of me from this past week. I gave a two hour talk Friday night at the convention on Facebook. It went really well! People have been coming up to me since telling me how much they got out of the program and thanking me. It makes it all worthwhile. There’s also a photo of me during the print competition, where I am always behind a dark curtain calling print titles for judges. They are always long and exhausting days, but worth the effort you put into it! Have a great rest of the weekend!




October 15, 2011 - 11:43 am

Katelyn - I would love to get my senior pictures done with you guys!

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